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I am proudly pro-choice. With abortion rights under attack across the country, it’s more important than ever that Chicago provide a safe haven for women in need. I'll work to expand capacity for women’s health services and ensure abortion access is available to anyone who needs it regardless of background or income. 

MY plan

  • I support the measure passed by the city council that will protect trans people and women seeking abortion against discrimination by landlords and employers. My office will advocate for women and LGBTQ rights to ensure that discrimination of this kind is addressed proactively. 


  • In the FY23 budget, there is $3.1M to help provide access to reproductive healthcare. I would seek to spend those dollars to:

  1. Improve the maternal health by connecting residents and local health service providers, especially to those experiencing economic hardship and the uninsured

  2. craft and implement policies that work towards health equity that encompasses mental and physical health of women both prenatal and postpartum.


  • I will Introduce an ordinance that prohibits misleading advertising by crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and impose a substantial fine for each infraction. 

    1. Chicago has five CPC currently accounted for, (one is mere blocks away from the 30th ward boundaries)

    2. My office will proactively educate residents about these misleading and unlicensed “clinics” so they can seek true reproductive healthcare services with a licensed medical professional within thier community

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