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Over the last 20 years our ward has been left out as transportation infrastructure improvements have been implemented elsewhere.


We will change that by doing an audit of conditions across the entire ward within my first 100 days. This will identify the opportunity areas and deficits in infrastructure that is needed to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe. 

Jessica's plan

It is long overdue for the ward office to work with community groups, businesses organizations and park advisory councils to identify and prioritize improvements to dangerous areas most in need. In order for communities to experience safer interaction on our streets our car culture must evolve to include all the ways our streets are used in the modern era. We will expand education programs to increase pedestrian and cyclist awareness. 

  • We can engage CDOT and advocacy groups to map out opportunities for protected bike lanes. Milwaukee and Grand Ave should be prioritized as angle street connectors. Addison, Belmont, Irving Park, and Diversey all present opportunities to act as east-west corridors. 

  • The Long Ave Greenway proposed in the Bikes for All report would pass through part of the 30th ward and be a welcome improvement that would encourage a broader range of riders to take to two wheels. 

  • Our buses, trains, roads and bridges are critical for our economy and our quality of life. They connect us to family, work and play and the uniquely Chicago experiences that fuel our love of our city. 

  • Beyond our streets we must ensure our lighting grid, network of trees and parkways are well maintained. Reliable lighting improves public safety and healthy trees improve our environment and reduce the heat island effect. 

  • Lastly our curbs, drains and sewers have to function as designed. Efficiently clearing rainwater means our basements stay dry throughout the year. 

  • Support the Plow the Sidewalks ordinance and push to have the 30th Ward as part of the pilot program

I'M HERE TO DO THE WORK. I'm here to work for you. join me.

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