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As an educator, I have seen the true cost of underfunding our public schools. I will  work to fully fund schools across Chicago instead of closing them.  As your Alderman, I will fight to get class sizes down, increase scholarships, and introduce more vocational programs so every child has a path to success.

my plan

  • Host and attend regular round table discussions with LSC leaders, principals, educators, members of the Board of Education and CPS leadership.. 

  • Hold Education Town Halls to gain an understanding of the community needs and expectations. This input will allow me to represent those needs within CPS and in front of the Board. 

  • Tour and document maintenance issues in every school that serves the residents of the 30th Ward. 

  • Make our schools the jewels of the community by encouraging community and student volunteer projects. (ie: community gardens, murals and cleanups).

  • Partner and share data with neighboring Alders to increase the impact of our collective voice in the communities and at the Board of Education. 

  • Establish scholarships and attract philanthropic investment to fill the funding gaps that exist. 

  • Raise the profile of our students, teachers and administrators achievements to counter the negative narrative that permeates so we can regain the trust of parents.

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