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Jessica Gutiérrez walks the 30th ward chicago
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As a long time resident of the 30th ward I am ready to challenge city hall to do better.


There is a lack of communication between aldermen and the people they serve. I will increase the level of communication between the aldermanic office and you the resident. Every month there will be a meeting in your neighborhood. You won’t have to come looking for me.


You will see me, we will talk, we will dialogue, we will make decisions together.


When you talk I will listen, I will work for you, I don't work for lobbyists, I don't work for developers, or political insiders. I do not even work for the mayor. I work for you. We must STOP  the rubber-stamped City Council. 


I am a mother and a homeowner. I want all of our children to walk our streets safely and reach adulthood at full capacity.


A note from Jessica

I was first inspired to run for office when I helped elect Jesus "Chuy" Garcia to Congress in my position as the campaign's Northside field coordinator. 

Prior to that campaign I was a graduate student in History at Louisiana State University and at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. While at Hebrew University I worked in East Jerusalem as an English teacher in Palestinian public schools. 

But I was troubled by the growing inequities between the rich and the poor I was seeing in my home, Chicago. Increasing attacks on immigrant communities, the assault on the public, and neglect of public education. I put my studies on hold to return to Chicago and fight for working families. 

When the pandemic came to the 30th ward, I left my home and opened my office to provide resources for families.  I fought COVID-19 the same way I will fight for you. I helped vaccinate thousands of 30th Ward residents, provided food to hungry and struggling working families, and helped hundreds receive assistance to remain in their homes.


People got vaccinated, children were fed and landlords got paid.


Even when a US citizen came to my office in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and said can you help get my husband his Green Card, I didn't send them to a lawyer. I learned and today he is a Green Card holder living with his wife and son in Chicago. If I do not know how to do something, first I  will ask who does it, and then I will learn, to be better prepared for next time.


Jessica Gutiérrez at Church
Jessica Gutiérrez with family
Jessica Gutiérrez with supporters
Jessica Gutiérrez and friends with president Bill Clinton
Jessica Gutiérrez with Nancy Pelosi
Jessica Gutiérrez as a baby
Jessica Gutiérrez with President Barrack Obama
Young Jessica Gutiérrez in Washington DC
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