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It’s time for the 30th ward to have an alderman who is held accountable by the people, with the people.
In my first 100 days, I commit to:

  • Hire a senior staff as the 30th Ward public safety liaison charged as point for engagement and coordination with all enforcement and investigative agencies

  • Complete a ward-wide infrastructure audit including parks, public transit, streets (including bike and pedestrian amenities), alleys, sidewalks, trees and lighting.

  • Audit TIF’s and SSA’s to make sure your tax money is spent wisely

  • Establish a zoning advisory council and publish a clear procedure and standards so communities know how zoning decisions will be made

  • Host initial education and public safety town halls and set a schedule for ongoing quarterly events

  • Encourage economic development by establishing a database of vacant buildings and lots detailing zoning, owner and management contacts



jessica gUTIÉRREZ

Hello, I'm Jessica Gutiérrez. I am a lifelong progressive Democrat, educator, and community organizer, running to bring new leadership to the 30th Ward. 

I grew up on Chicago's Northwest side, graduated from St. Benedict High School, and have a BA in Sociology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My family and I now reside in Belmont Cragin. 


The 30th ward deserves a full-time alderman that has the dedication and conviction to invigorate our business corridors and unify all of the 30th ward communities. When the community speaks, I will listen, I will work for you.

JESSICA Experience & Caeer (1).png
Image by Stephy Miehle


Property Taxes

Aldermen are increasing their salary by $6,000 a year, and next year it will be $10,000. I will put an end to this abuse.


It is time to hold the line on property taxes and stop aldermen from lining their pockets. Why should the working people in the 30th ward subsidize the wealthy, this must end, everyone pays their fair share.


Environmental Justice

Since 2012, Chicago has been without a voice on some of the most important issues we face. Communities have had no direct access to data, policy, or decision making surrounding the environmental impact of government actions. It is time to reestablish the Dept. of Environment  tasked with:


  1. Replacement of lead water service lines

  2. Written equity plan for Chicago’s parks.

  3. Audit city recycling program 

  4. Disinvest city funds from fossil based investments

  5. Reform building and zoning codes centered on environmental justice and sustainability

The Issues

I'm ready to take on the big issues.

Chicago is a beautiful city, but we have some tough issues to address in order to makes sure the people of our city are properly cared for. I'm dedicated to making sure your tax dollars are truly working for you, and bringing you the services and quality of life you deserve.


Public Safety

Crime is out of control, and I am a crime fighter. I will work so that community residents and the police are fighting together against the criminals that threatens our neighborhoods.

As your alderman I will open the dialogue between the police that serve and protect, and the people. I am a strong advocate of police accountability, but I am also a strong advocate of restoring trust and confidence between the people and the police.


Public Education

I am a school teacher, I know how to improve education and I will make it a priority. Our schools are underfunded, let's fund them so we can prepare all of our children for the future they deserve. I will work tirelessly to make every class a home for educational excellence.


Reproductive Rights

I am the only candidate talking about the council's responsibility for protecting reproductive rights. It’s more important than ever that Chicago provide a safe haven for women in need.


I will work to expand Chicago’s capacity for women’s health services and ensure abortion access is available to anyone who needs it regardless of background or income.

Over the last 20 years our ward has been left out as transportation infrastructure improvements have been implemented elsewhere. We will change that by doing an audit of conditions across the entire ward within my first 100 days.

Jessica is a champion of affordable housing on the NW Side. 


As Senior Policy and Community Relations Director Director of Policy at the Puerto Rican Cultural Center Jessica Gutierrez focused on advocating for resources and policy to address affordable housing in the Humboldt Park, Belmont-Cragin, Hermosa, Avondale communities. 


Mental Health

We have a challenge to control guns in our community. We need to restore mental health resources both for the health of our community and its safety.

Good mental health is also good gun control.

I support Treatment Not Trauma - an ordinance that would create alternative responses to emergencies while addressing 
root causes of crime and that would restore our public mental health facilities across the city of Chicago.

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"We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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JESSICA Gutiérrez


For 30th Ward Alderman

4006 W Addison St

Chicago, IL 60641

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